Monday, June 16, 2008

Fighting Star (4): Nadege

Nadege was born in a small island off Africa East Coast, Île de la Réunion (Reunion Island), in 1981 and then moved to Belgium, where she started a prolific wrestling career. In the beginning, she was pretty closed to Beatrice Goffin, her trainer, but soon moved on to pursue her own endeavorments.

Being of slender nature, it is a surprise to find her fighting everybody else in all genres of combats. I would say she has wrestled for all companies of the world: DWW, APL, TaniaKicks, California Wildcats, Femwin: you name it.

She is an outstanding competitive wrestler and I do not remember many defeats of her. She has beaten several stars, like Robin, which we show in one of the clips below.

Besides fighting everybody, she has appeared in every combat type in the catalog: fully competitive, catfight, clothes on, clothes off and ... erotic. Some of the later were blatantly lesbian, as the one against Amy Lewinski for California Wildcats, so it was kind of a surprise to discover she is now in a leave of absence for being... pregnant!

I put together some samples of Nadege appearances. In the first clip, there is a brief interview of Nadege before she extracts a submission from Robin in a fight for Athena2.

In the second one, Nadege demonstrates her catfighting skills beating a bigger opponent - Tweety, in a video from TaniaKicks, which, as far as I know, has shut down the store.

Last but not the least, Nadege faces Xana and shows her erotic side in a video from the DWW tribadism series. BEWARE: THE CLIP CONTAINS SEX SCENES.


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