Friday, June 27, 2008

Fighting Star (5): Lee Price has posted this clip where I have recognized a very young Lee Price fighting in a Joan Wise production. Since she has an household name in women wrestling, it was easy to decide to dedicate a blog entry to her.
In fact, I do not have much data on her, except she is 5´7" tall and a natural blonde, who used to have a defined and slim body as you can see in the first clip against a black wrestler whose name is unknown to me.

(Note: After publishing the post, was gone and I will have to find a replacement for the above mentioned video.)

Lee Price had a long career, with fights for the aforementioned Joan Wise, and also for Jaguar, TPC, MassMuscle, Women Warriors, Womans World Video and others. She was brave and not afraid of fighting against heavier women like Tigra and Lee Trevelyan, even being subdued in most cases. In fact, in the clip below, you can see her against a merciless Trevelyan.

And, from productions shot much time later, you can watch a mature Lee Price in a combat against Beatrice Goffin here and against Jasmine here, both from videos of Women Warriors.
Another plus for Lee Price is the fact she was not shy in participate in the erotic side of wrestling.


  1. Although I enjoyed watching Lee Price, I don't think I ever saw her win a competitive match - Trevelyn easily dominated her (this was one of my favourite matches - Trevelyn seemed to have a legit nasty streak), Bea Goffin easily defeated her, and a few other women.

  2. I personally wrestled Lee and She was totally dominant
    in our four matches.Her legs would always have me submitting.It seems Lee was rather easy with the Ladies,but always wanted to prove Her superiority
    aganst males

  3. I have more videos of her than I can count and she did win some of her competitive matches. She is my favorite of all time...