Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I have told you several blogs ago that I would include some categories of female fights I do not long for just to diversify the subjects and be thorough. One of these matters is boxing. Maybe it is the lack of close contact or else but I do not feel much interest on the sport.

Anyway, I have uploaded some clips. The first it is the best one I could find with the fighters displaying some sexiness - they are topless, and at the same time, fighting with determination and moderate technique. Source is DWW.

The second clip is just for fun: two girls (gorgeous) using head pads fighting in an octagon but with limited skills and will. However, the final and decisive blow is unusual: check it.

And the last clip, as it had to be, is a nude boxing fight! But do not be too eager: the nudity is there, but the boxing stayed with the clothes somewhere else. Festelle is the source.


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  1. I have always felt that boxing is the purest form of ring combat,the participants have nowhere to hide and unlike wrestling is almost immpossible to fake.
    Danube Women were the world leaders in this form of combat,I say were because apparently through cost they no longer make these fights.The one you have here dates from a few years ago but is currently rereleased on "DWW421 Tanga Boxing to a Finish part 2"
    As for the Festelle effort,this is another example of how they fell short of the mark.Rather surprisingly a fairly recent release features a slapping match which turns out to be quite good.