Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gold Worthing Girls

Tanned, gorgeous, fitted, sparkling eyes, healthy, perfect chests: who could be? the Golden Girls from California, for sure. Of course, I am not talking about the TV series but about the women wrestling troupe who was so successful in the 80´s. Belinda Belle, Golden Cat, Peaches, Pam Ward, Spice, Lynn-Marie, Sue Bowser, Shelly, Leora, Connie and companions, in their peak form and looks, wrestling, catfighting and boxing for our pleasure.

Attires could vary: high-cut bikinis, sometimes topless, swimsuits, and lingerie. But always with the spotless beauty. I miss them.

The first sample clip has a very young Shelly, topless as should be.

I remember one particular fight of Lynn-Marie against Michelle, both topless with tiny bikini bottoms. In a given instant, Lynn-Marie´s bikini bottom got offside her crotch, starting to revealing what it should hide; unfortunately for us, in a split second she fix the show-off with a shyness look on her face. However, not much time later, I found the same Lynn-Marie, not so shy now and with a different name, fully naked and exposed in a catfighting for Savage Video. An artist, really...

Anyway, Lynn-Marie appears in the second sample clip here, taking a thorough beating from Golden Cat.

Golden Girls videos are still available for download at Female Wrestling dot Net. The naked catfighting series - Savage Videos, is also available there. There is also an Yahoo Group with some good stuff on the Golden Girls.


  1. In the 80`s the female fighting was very sensual. You could see almost everything including the cracks os their asses. Belinda Belle was the star of the ring

  2. 80s Female wrestlers were the best.Lynn Marie was so hot,and her opponents were visibly turned on by her.Shelly in particular was so sensual and sadistic with her.Belinda Bell is a legend.She was just torrid.Shelly and she were VERY close personally !

  3. I would love to see some of the Belinda vs Hollywood matches, but it´s imposible to find a copy in the web, They was really two legends, the best girls in the ring.