Monday, July 14, 2008

Fighting Star (6): Xana

I am including Xana in the Legends series because she has accomplished so much with her combative and fierce fighting style. She was born in Russia in 1970; later on, she moved to and became a citizen from Belgium, where she was trained by Beatrice Goffin.

Muscular and fit, Xana has participated in a lot of competitive fights for DWW, Athena2, APL and other producers. Most of the time, she has been on the winning side, applying her strength and skills to submit and pin her adversaries. I have said competitive, but Xana has at least one erotic fight against Nadege for DWW tribadism series.

In the sample clips ahead, you can taste Xana style, in a variety of fighting styles and attires (including no attire at all).

Out of sheer curiosity, when I have been in Rio de Janeiro on holidays (centuries ago...), I was told that xana (but pronounced as shana) means the women´s pleasure triangle...


  1. Thanks for the info and tribute to one of my favorites.

    I also thought she did only competitive until I came across her trib match you mentioned with another of my all time favorites, Nadege. She also wrestled Nadege to a long draw for Amazon Productions in one of the best competitive matches I ever saw.

    Can anyone identify what match the last clip was taken from ? Appears like a DWW but anyone have a title or number ?

  2. The last clip was taken from DWW FOM-235-01 Xana vs Timea C., one of the best competitive nude matches I have ever seen. As a curiosity, Xana was assisted by Nadege in this fight.

  3. The best bout I have seen from this girl was against Antascha for DWW a few years back where they fought for a full thirty minute draw.Both fought topless and at the end were drenched in sweat.

  4. The fight from DWW: FOM-235 is
    THE best nude
    femalewrestlingfight i've ever
    seen. The competitive and
    agressive athmosphere is
    unbelivable and they attack
    each other like predators.