Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Favorite Competitive Fights (2): At The Convention

This fight happened ten years ago at the Women´s Wrestling Convention (WWC 98) and it still is in my favorites list. It has Hana - in a blue suit, overpowering Vera with helpless pins. Apparently, they did not have a scaffold for the camera and shot all the scenes at the mat level. Best for voyeurs.

Both wrestlers were with DWW at that time and are retired now. The company still has the fight in its catalog as EU-59.


  1. Hana was a fantastic wrestler and involved in many great competitive matches during her active years. One of my favorites was during a tournament against a strong blonde named Susan, but may be wrong on the name. These two gave 100% and wrestled to exhaustion and to a draw, with tempers wearing thin at times. One of the best competitive matches I ever saw. You DWW guys who know every match by heart , this one had a male ref but was not Jeff ... if that helps to ID this match.

    I guess you all know that Hana now runs and trains the super sexy girls at FOXY COMBAT. She still looks fantastic, too.

  2. You guys know everything about this stuff. I will look after this Hana vs Susan. Thanks for the information.

  3. astrolago ;

    Hope that my two cents doesn't put you in for a 'wild goose chase' looking for that match as I might be wrong on the other girl named 'Susan'. But she was a blond and the match was part of a tournament ... and this was a fantastic match between two girls who knew how to wrestle. That VHS is in one of my boxes of old tapes I rarely get into anymore or I'd look it up for you. If there are some hard-core DWW guys reading this, they'd know exactly which I'm referring to. I know nothing compared to most of these guys.

    The thing is, though these girls were excellent technical wrestlers and wrestled as such, the match remained sexy as hell ! These two tied each other up in knots constantly to stalemates !

    It is the opposite these days ... the more advanced girls get with their joint locks and chokes with BJJ, the less sexy it becomes ... matches of Ziggy and Helen Von Mott are examples.

    Hana had it all .... :>) and still does .

  4. Vera was also a great wrestler.She didn"t back down from any challenge. even if she lost she gave her opponenet a very hard time. Is very sad that she like Luzia,Eva have retired. Only Petra from the veterans still wrestles. From the new chicks I like Zsusza.What do you think about her?Without her it dosen"t make so much fun watching dww clips.