Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fighting Cats (5): Kontex

Kontex is a female fighting powerhouse that produces a lot of movies besides representing other promoters from Europe. Its catalog at its site is huge and grows by hour according to the newsletters which reached my mailbox.

They have other fighting genres but catfights are their main course. As every women fighting video maker, they have their own style. In general, the looks of the girls are average - much as your neighbor or co-worker, the battle pace is slow but fierce, and settings seem to be located in an attic of a friend. Soon or later, Kontex ladies will grab the breast and genitals of each other with gusto. I believe the girls get hurt during the fights which usually last for long minutes.

They also have another trend in their casting: large ladies and I mean really large.


  1. Love the first part. Definitely this is the kind of material I've been looking for months! :D