Friday, August 22, 2008

Fighting Cats (6): More Crystal

Crystal Films is another venerable fighting promoter still alive and well, although I have not seem a huge flow of productions lately. Despite some trials with other genres they are basically a cage of cats. In the later years, most videos are in a category I call "in-house street fighting": plain girls in plain clothes try to tear off each other garments and to broke some ribs as well. If there was a script, those ladies certainly forgot it. Fighting scenery is your neighbor´s living room.

Much more interesting were the Hellfire Club productions, shot in some New York City basement in a 6 x 6 foot ring. Genuinely raunchy, club fights usually finished with the girls naked and bruised.

All Crystal Films productions are available at its site here.

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  1. Crystal films are real the best thing in female fight! The 14 videocatalog is simply terrible. Too bad the first fight you posted does not have an end here...