Thursday, August 7, 2008

Las Vegas Style Wrestling

As you might have guessed, I will talk about GLOW, the 80´s TV show that reached indisputable success through innovation and tuning with the times. Born in Las Vegas, what explains its sport & varieties style, the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling have plenty of reasons to justify the gorgeous in the brand but much less for the wrestling. I believe that was the creator´s intention since the beginning and nobody can deny the business sense of that.

The show was clearly conceived around some key points and they never moved away from them: beautiful girls, sexy attires, special characters and off-the-ring short stories. It was broadcasted over the large networks and never forgot to provide camera shots designed to display the best assets of the girls. No wonder a few detractors had started to call the show "crotch wrestling".

Criticisms aside, they knew the basics of pro-wrestling as you can see in these excerpts of Sally the Farm´s Daughter vs Godiva.

These two wrestlers had the opportunity to show off in a 1989´s Playboy essay.


Farmer´s Daughter

Below there is another GLOW´s sample, with Hollywood - in black - against Roxy Astor.

And this time, only Hollywood appeared for Playboy´s photographers.


A proof of the show´s appeal is the fact that the present franchise owners still sell videos and merchandise from GLOW on their site.

If you ask me, Spanish Red was my favorite character in GLOW´s cast and my choice is mostly based on her beauty and sexiness.

More details about GLOW´s history are available here.

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  1. I used to love GLOW and still do. There was very little real wrestling but some of the women were definitely gotgeous and wore the sexiest high cut leotards which unfortunately are no longer fashionable. My favourites were The Cheerleaders-Vicky Victory (probably the worst wrestler) and The Cheerleaders (Susie Spirit and Debbie Debutante). By the way one tag team was called T&A which stood for Tina Ferrari and Ashley Cartier but really stood for tits Ashley)and ass (Tina).