Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fighting Star (8): Magnificent Mimi

I have found many comments on Magnificent Mimi on the Web but not many mentions about her sexiness. I would like to make a point on this because I believe that has helped her career. She is on my top 10 list in this regard. Besides the picture below, there is a more revealing one in a previous post, both taken on her essay for Playboy in 1989.

(Yes, it is Mimi above...)

However, she has not owed her success only to her body gifts but to the fact she is a multi talented woman, with accomplished skills in sports and performing arts (where I classify the pro-wrestling genre, by the way).

Born Mimi Lesseos, she was trained in martial arts and soon entered the American pro-wrestling scene, having appeared for the American Wrestling Association (AWA), the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association (LPWA) and a couple more. She also did at least a fight for Golden Girls, against Belinda, early on her career.

After retiring from pro-wrestling, she opened her own movie company - Stepping Out Productions - which has released four productions, according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). It is from one of its movies - Pushed to the Limit - the clip below, where she faces the villain in the final fight.

(It is the villain, not Mimi above...)

She is an accomplished stunt woman (besides doing the fights, as a driver!) and actress, and has participated in several TV series and Hollywood full-length movies. She played one of the boxers in the Million Dollar Baby award winning movie by Clint Eastwood.

Other blogs have more biographical data on Mimi, like Women Pro Wrestling and Female Fighting News. For her acting on films, look at Turner Classic Movies. Her personal site is dead but there is a Yahoo Group with many pictures.

I have to point out a certain meanness in some Mimi combats, as revealed on this blog post, where in the second clip she extracts one of best pro-wrestling wedgies on the record.

Last, I have amassed a good collection of Mimi clips posted on You Tube and that will make the Theater Two (see at the bottom of the page) for a while.


  1. A legend indeed. Great looks, a spectacular body, skilled, rough and tough... she had it all, and probably still does.


  2. I'd love for her to catch me in a headscissors like that. I wouldn't try to hard to get out.

  3. What I wouldn't give to see her in a doubleheadscissors with Tina Moretti.