Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wrestling Comedy

The creativity of women fighting producers sometimes has an outcome more of a comedy than of a combat. That is the case of this DWW video where girls pretending to be Greek soldiers - maybe Spartans - fight in a court room to an women only audience.

The girls are not bad but those ludicrous mini-skirts spoiled any interest the fight could have had.


  1. True but the women only audience was a great move , unlike their live events when you'd have to look and some disgusting fat guys watching from the front row. Talk about spoiling things for the fan this did it many times for me with DWW's outdoor events under a tent. Their event 'Historical Fights' had some good action but was equally ridiculous to look at until the girls ripped the costumes off each other, LOL

    Others screwed up the same way with men in the audience too close to the action, so I'm just using DWW as an example since the example film was theirs.

    Fighting Style keeps the fans back from the action and Foxy Fight always has a women only audience when there is one.

    Women watching other women wrestling, CF, or sex fighting is a nice touch as long as the shouting instructions doesn't get out of hand. An example of that would be the first WWC ; the Virago camp, especially the beloved HVM, were obnoxious.

  2. This one was possibly not too well thought out where as a general ruled their efforts at what I would term themed contests are very good,most of my favourites come from the "Garden Boxing"series.