Saturday, September 6, 2008

Favorite Competitive Fights (3): Absence of Love

The Amazons Club (TAC) used to be a small producer of competitive fights and the selection below is a good example of that. It shows Katrina against the black beauty Zambia in a struggle marked by mutual antipathy since the beginning. Holds were applied with hurt intentions and faces show that the purpose was succesful.

I could not find any sign of a Amazons Club site but there is a reference here at DWW site.

(PS: one of our readers has corrected the fighter´s name to Karina. See comments for details).



  1. One of the best bouts DWW have promoted sadly both Karine and Zambia are reputed to have retired.The Amazons Club is another of those off shoots of DWW which spring up from time to time and then depart without warning,another recent one was HWW.

  2. Yeah, I was a big fan of their matches. There was some real hate there that made their fight more intense and exciting. I really wish Zambia would come back because there aren't a whole lot of black wrestlers out there doing this. She apparently had a falling out with DWW which is a shame. DWW is a great company, but they could use a little more diversity.

  3. What was the black wrestler saying at 2:05-2:10? She seemed to be really struggling there. She was obviously helpless, so I'm curious to know if she was calling for a submission or something else?

  4. The only thing I can be sure of Zambia's french at 2:05 is "Monsieur". I guess she is complaining that Karine is hurting her arm/shoulder and the referee is taking too long to stop the bout.

  5. Terrific fighting. That Karine is slim but sensational. Sometimes the potential intensity of the DWW fighters seem inhibited by the organisers. I guess they're justifiably concerned as to the possibility of serious injury.

  6. The activities of The Amazons Club (TAC)are finished, therefore we closed the website. The reason is: In 2007 died our friend K. He was the most active member of the TAC. Without him we others wouldn't continue. Our star Karina (not Katrina) is retired, because she need the power for her studies.

    1. Do you have the Anne Hurricane Vs Karina Wrestling match? I seen the boxing match they did and wanted to know if can see the wrestling match. lqqking4catfight @ yahoo . com

    2. is karina wrestling now. She and Melanie were two of my favorites

  7. Oh my god! It can't be more sexy.
    Two topless athletic young women
    in real aggressive, explosive
    competitive topless wrestling
    with real fighting spirit.
    These women are "Alpha females"
    and that's what make them so sexy.
    But excuse me. They could have
    been even more sexy. They could
    have beeb naked!

  8. Anyone have the TAC match with Anne Hurricane Vs Karine? They did a boxing and then Wrestling match. Anne won the boxing match, want to know what happened in the wrestling match?

  9. Karine was the hottest fighter out. win or lose she was sensational.