Thursday, September 11, 2008

Favorite Competitive Fights (4): The Germans

This post could also be named either "The Headlock Queen" or "Thong Forerunner" because the blonde Marianne uses the hold many times to submit Isolde and sports a bikini bottom that is a 1980's thong prototype. It could be also be included in the bush fights selection.

This is a sample of GM2120 Beka video, a pretty exciting combat. Interesting remarks on Beka films are available here.


  1. One of the girls who was taking part at this time once told me that she felt far more relaxed when fighting in Addidas type shorts,not to mention her husband found them a great turn on.

  2. Good hard fighting.Many thanks. This is a brilliant site and is much appreciated.
    My own taste has always been for DWW style combat. Does anyone have opinion on current out put?