Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Plain Dirty

I was in a mood of something stronger in the Blog and decided to upload this clip of a Dragon Films (now extinct) production. They used to produce videos for all kind of fetishes and female nude wrestling with face sittings was one of the lighter settings of Dragon catalog.

Anyway, please, do not watch it if you do not appreciate mature films.



  1. Didn't realize Dragon expired. I never bought any of their stuff but some of it did seem pretty rough. I imagine the women in their films are open to quite a bit; don't know if they would have legal issues with their films that one might have here in the states.

  2. Dragon had a thorough line of fetish products: from tickling to scatology passing by feet worship. And, as far as I know, the same women stars participated in the whole range of attractions.
    There is a reseller in Germany that still offers some of the Dragon videos.