Friday, October 31, 2008

Fighting Cats (9): Foxy Combat

Gorgeous girls, plenty of exposed flesh, a well designed Web site, (not common in the trade) frequent releases, are all attributes of Foxy Combat, a producer from Czech Republic. And I like the brunette hairdo too, if you understand me. Should the full videos have the same quality as this sample... well, they deserve a try.

Video removed by copyright owner request (Foxy Combat)

This is not an advertisement and I have never bought a full video from them: just an opinion based on the sample and on the site.


  1. I can't say enough about them. It's run by Hana, one of DWW's most popular and skilled wrestlers of years ago and my personal favorite of theirs.

    The girls are all GORGEOUS and I've downloaded both competitive matches and their 'FoxyFights' (sexfights).

    The site is awesome. Anyone into girl wrestling has to join for a month. There are plenty of clips and plenty of pics to make your choice accurate for your specific likes , although good luck in deciding which to get first , as everyone is tempting.


  2. This is a fight between Antonia and Gloria, 2 wrestlers from DWW. Hana, the founder of foxycombat, started wrestling 15 years ago for DWW, the best website around. She founded foxycombat 2 years ago, with a few girls from the other site to start. Now she has "her own" wrestlers, always gorgeous models, really going into it. The membership is a little bit too expansive but buying a movie from time to time is never disappointing. Congrats for your blog. Patrick

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