Monday, October 13, 2008

Fighting Star (12): Fabulous Moolah

She was neither the best wrestler nor the strongest, most beautiful nor fan´s sweetheart. Nevertheless, she was one of the most remarkable characters in the US pro-wrestling scene and for many years her name represented women pro-wrestling. I am talking about Mary Lilian Ellison, much more popular as the Fabulous Moolah.

Born in 1923, she was inspired by Mildred Burke and started her career as a valet of several male wrestlers. Despite her small frame - 5´5´´ and 138 pounds (1m65 and 63kg) she was very successful and captured her first title in 1956. She was the first to define for herself a clear wrestler character: the evil woman, who never hesitated in using rough ways to get a victory. Adding up her talent for controling the crowds, she was able to get contracts from important wrestling promoters who soon realized she could get good audiences. She was the first woman wrestler to fully understand the show business character of pro-wrestling.

She stayed on activity until near her death in 2007. In 1999 she got a title in a bout against Ivory and in 2003, at the age 83,  she was still able to pin her adversaries!

The video below has clips of her against Joyce Grable - where she applies her trademark ropes punishment - followed by a lesson on dexterity against Angie Minelli. Then some boxing against Susan Green and a rare submission got from Debbie Combs. To finalize, her winning move against Victoria in 2003, the defeat to Ivory and a tribute sequence produced by WWE.

Much more details on her biography are available at: Amy Action, Obsessed With Wrestling and Wrestling Museum.


  1. My favourite pro wrestler. She defined "heel" didn't she? She knew how to makee the crowd hate her and her punches, throat jabs, kicks and stomps, eye gouges and hidden weapon were the standard for women wrestlers. She always liked beating up her poor opponents - who were invariably younger, prettier and blonder.

  2. OK. So I know she wasn't the best looking thing or anything to take notice of in public. But she has an excellent body and it has to cross someone's mind to wrestle her and then slip into bed with her. Was she married or did she have a lover? She is relentless!