Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The King of Fetish Business

Irving Klaw (1910-1966) established a successful photo mail-order business between the 40´s and 60´s which was one the main outlets for imagery depicting women in sexual fetish acts. Films were also in his huge productions catalog. Although most of the material was related to bondage and its variations - which I abhor, by the way - as a sensible businessman he catered also for catfights.

The clip below has two samples of his approach to the catfighting art.

Talking about Irving Klaw, I could not leave out Bettie Page (born 1923), the icon he helped create. She occupied a good share of male minds in the 50´s more restrained times and, as a good disciple of her master, she also took place in some "rolling over the carpet" style productions. Lipstick, high heels and garter belts in place, she was ready to roll.

To judge from these images and from many others available on the Web, Bettie should have been on the top ten list of the most desirable women. A film based on her life - The Notorious Bettie Page, got some attention in 2005.

A short Irving Klaw biography is available here and other of Bettie Page can be read here.

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