Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tapping Out (5): Powerful Hair

Who had heard of a Hair Pulling submission hold? Well, that is the move Tiffany applied on Barbara in this DWW fight to get the first fall of the bout. Odd enough, the two tall girls had decided to use this hold but Tiffany was stronger.



  1. The best hair pulling I've seen was in the old DWW video 'Catfight Championship'. It was a round robin event between four girls that really used hair pulling effectively.

    One girl named Ingrid especially used it well when having her opponent in a neck scissors. That was enough to get her into the final match up with another pretty blond named Renata, but Renata eventually won the hard fought event.

    This is my favorite DWW catfight event ... just spectacular 'girl fighting' without un-sexy joint locks, armbars, etc that decide matches now between super-skilled girls.

    I wish this event was was still available.


  2. Anybody with images of such a fight is welcomed to share them.