Thursday, December 11, 2008

Aggressive Boxing

I have just stumbled upon this nice boxing clip on YouTube and thought you could be interested. It features the well known Christine Dupree against another strong woman - Sally McNeil, who have a lot of personal problems in the past. They lack boxing technique but what an anger! Detail: it seems from Women Warriors.

For the time being, all fight is on YouTube.


  1. Sally once did a vid w/Ziggy. Forget the company. Started out in bikinis, and Ziggy took Sally to the mat pretty hard, and Sally was pissed. After the fall they both returned in thong leotards, presumably so they could go all out, and dud they ever!

  2. I think that was a Premier Productions and it was it ever a great match. I don't remmeber who won though.

    Sally had incredible thighs - what a head scissors she had. She made the best tapout - including Tigra.