Saturday, December 20, 2008

Beware! Dangerous Curves Ahead

After more than 100 fights for DWW, Luzia retired earlier this year for the grief of a legion of fans. The gorgeous blonde left behind an impressive catalog of competitive wrestling where she had her quota of highs and lows. She has done everything in the DWW gamut (discounting the lesbian oriented HPC): swimsuits and topless competitive, wearing bikinis, catfights in lingerie and dresses, oil, school uniforms, jeans, and so on.

Everything but a fully naked fight (as far as I know...). The closest thing to nude is the last segment of the sample clip below, where she fights Tiffany using only a sort of suspenders which hide nothing of her curvy body.

The fights below are in chronological sequence from her debut in 1999 until the last appearance in 2008. It depicts Luzia against Vera (almost a teenager here), Edina, the french bodybuilder Agnes, Viktoria, the north-american Grace, Eva (with the usual stamp-size thong), Daniela (a quite violent catfight), Monica, Petra (in a legendary fight where she was smashed after some memorable crotch views), Renata and lastly in the already mentioned fight against Tiffany (just three snapshots).

I am looking forward to see you, Luzia, on the mats again.


  1. Like most fans who have viewed the work of DWW I have been a long term fan of Luzia and been impressed by her talents.
    My tastes do tend toward boxing and I have only ever been able to find one instance of her putting on the gloves and that a number of years ago in an early Garden Boxing bout.

  2. Thank you for your brilliant montage of Luzia and for the site in general.
    She is certainly a strong and competitive wrestler and I hope we haven't seen the last of her on the mat.
    She didn't like to be beaten. I once saw a match where she fought a skillful American girl who got her in a constricting grip. Luzia submitted and, I seem to remember, nearly fainted in her corner.

  3. That is some of the sexiest wrestling I have ever seen. Luzia is number one!

  4. thanks for this compilation of Luzia

  5. Luzia, Petra, Vera, Edita, Eva,Tiffany are the best in my opinion dww ever had...sadly the new girls from dww aren't so skilled as the former...Great stuff you are doing with this's by far the best on the internet...congratulations!

  6. Thanks everybody for the positive feedback about the Blog.

  7. I've always wondered about Luzia's fight with black wrestler Tania from Belgium. Tania dominated the match and Luzia seemed very upset at the loss. If I recall correctly, this was her first international match and she was very young. Would anyone have more details on the match or any comments?