Friday, December 26, 2008

Catfights by a Fetish Master

Born Ernest Stanzoni, he was better known as Eric Stanton (1926-1999) or "the Rembrandt of Pulp-Culture", as Taschen Books calls him. A gifted cartunist, started working for Irving Klaw and after his death in 1966, took the crown of fetish business. Stanton peak years were the 60´s and 70´s, when he had to use an underground distribution network in those pre-Internet times (how different could be if he had lived today?).

Almost all of his work was related with forms of female dominance, where an enraged woman punished another person - man or woman, using scratches, punches, whipping... and more advanced methods as well.

Stanton got a mention in this Blog because he has works with a softer female fighting theme, like the one below (in the title, he likely wanted to say "Bedlam in the Boudoir")

After his death and in more relaxing times, he was recognized as a legitimate artist in the realm of the inner desires of common people. Taschen Books has two lavish and thick editions of his work (covers below).

Wikipedia has more information on his biography (not much, though). There is an official gallery displaying Stanton and other artists works. Hundreds of images are spread all over the Web.


  1. Thanks for the posts and happy holidays. I think i should mention that the comic story posted is not actually drawn by Eric Stanton , but an artists that signed as 'Eng'. Good work, but a big quality step away from ES. - Tirebiter

  2. Thanks for the correction. But the name of the artist is Eneg, right?