Monday, December 15, 2008

Favorite Competitive Fights (6): Triangle Thongs

Besides the thongs triangle format, the arm triangle seems the submission hold of preference of one of the wrestlers in this clip. Whatever the injuries in her legs, the other girl, with softer skin tones, puts a good resistance against the more skilled one. Differences apart, they are both beauties in those slim frames.

I could not identify the source, after having lost most of my directory of fights in one of the regular and inevitable Windows Vista file crashes. I guess it is from some production made in Russia.

(Please, see comments for video identification from a fellow reader).


  1. BCF-016
    "Wartime in Brandenburg"
    Victoria vs. Anna
    39 min.

    Two really good-looking 21 year olds, who also happen to be skilled wrestlers and martial artists, lock horns in an all-out competitive, super-intense battle to determine who is the better woman. The battle that ensues is a true war, in every sense of the word, as the two furious maidens tear into each other with an almost unimaginable ferocity.

    Painful submissions are gained – and traded – as each enraged brawler in turn assumes the upper hand. It very quickly becomes perfectly clear why these two young warriors have earned many victories in International competition. A terrific competitive wrestling video, with non-stop action.

  2. Incredible competitive! Such
    intense fighting is what i want
    to see. Much more sexy than any
    slow erotic "wrestling".
    Hope they leave the last rest of
    textile outside the mat next