Friday, December 5, 2008

Legends (13): The Mancunian

Pippa L´Vinn, the wrestler from Manchester, got a legion of fans in UK and elsewhere. Good looks - specially her green eyes and le derrière - plus a solid built body and pro-wrestling skills are her recipe. As many others in the trade, she was an adept of martial arts since her teenage having practiced judo and tae-kwon-do.

With more than ten years of wrestling, Pippa is a veteran and besides jumps, kicks and holds, she has worked as promoter, gym manager, coach and referee. Closely connected to the Professional Girls Wrestling Association (PGWA), she has a leased facility where she lives her beloved sport and business of choice. Her site is alive and you also can find videos and contact information at LadySports and The Wrestling Factory.

So much for wording, now the action: the video has three segments of Pippa against Shelby Beach - her arch-rival, and then against Akila, Donna, Erin Angel and Sue Scarlett (what a legs has this girl!). Our heroine appears both in the giving and the receiving end.

Comparing the earliest and latest of Pippa´s appearances, I guess some tighter weight control would benefit her...

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