Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fighting Star (13): The Stripper Who Could Fight

The legend in focus is Venus DeLight (a.k.a. Venus De Light), a burlesque artist with a large career and well known by her endowments in the chest department. When I was collecting information on her, I got overwhelmed by the amount of things she had done! It seemed that she had one or two clones in her best period.

Real name? When was born? I owe you that. She started as a dancer and soon established her name as the top burlesque performer of the 80´s. Venus was able to walk the fine line between the legitimate show business and the raunchy explicit sex productions that started at that times. Some have even compared her with the legendary Gypsy Rose Lee. She was not afraid to define herself as a soft porn artist. Venus has a filmography of some dozen movies and in a given moment was the publisher of Cheri men´s magazine.

Surprisingly, she was a wrestler also. Yes, a wrestler and not just a catfighter, if you can believe she was the fighter Carla of Video Sports.

Venus De Light fought for every female fighting producer in the telephone directory: California Wildcats, Joan Wise, Video Sports, Double Trouble, APL, JM Rolen, and more. The video below has samples of her bouts since she was a skinny girl until she became a fully built woman (but not less voluptuous) passing by her toned muscular phase (sometimes I still have doubts she really is Venus...) at Video Sports.

As I had mentioned elsewhere, I read she was seriously ill recently, but I could not find traces of her whereabouts.


  1. When she decided to put her mind to it Cara/Venus was a fine submission style wrestler.

  2. The Carla vs. Patti match was one of the sexiest ever. If there had been a clear winner it might be *the* best, IMO.