Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Muddy Outback

I am not a mud wrestling fan for a simple reason: you do not see very well the main attractions. But for some reason I have found this clip sexy and appealing.

It is from some wrestling joint in Australia. It was on YouTube but I do not trust it will stay there much longer; so, I brought it over here.


  1. I have to agree grappling in the mud is not my favourite,but it is a good way to introduce new girls to the business.As for the people at YouTube I will never understand their moral standards.
    As another year draws to a close,a Happy Christmas to all at the Female Fight Theatre from the Euro Fighting Girls and more success in the New Year.

  2. Thank you very much, Ken.

    A Merry Christmas to you and all readers of Female Fight Theatre and Euro Fighting Girls

  3. kristie etzold if I am not mistaken has started her career as a mud wrestler...thanks for your work you do for this blog...Happy holidays my friends !

  4. thanks for the clip. i'm not a huge fan of mud wrestling either but this one is definitely sexy. i'm a huge fan of the one piece suits so that probably has something to do with it :)

    have a great Christmas and thanks for the huge efforts in keeping this blog so active!

  5. I understand the objections to mud/oil/etc. wrestling, but I like it for three reasons: First, the girls are more likely to wrestle on their knees, which is much more erotic; and secondly, it suggests, I guess the best word for it is, abandon. "I'm covered in mud/jello/whatever, but I'm gonna get you anyway!" It's also more likely that the girls will have a sense of humor about it, which I greatly enjoy. Making a total joke out of it is no good, but an occasional smile and giggle is very sexy to me.