Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sex is Everywhere

Last week, I posted an entry about an adult movie using female fighting as subject. Recently, I got to know that AbbyWinters has a soft porn production using olympic style wrestling as a scenario for flesh displaying. Is this a trend?

The setting is interesting, with two other fights in the background. The amateur wrestling rules and the singlets attires could have brought an original perspective for female fights with an erotic bias. Unfortunately, the wrestling is non-existent, even for staged fights standards. And the girls... please, take a look here for comparison...


  1. I would love to see olympic style and erotic wrestling done well. This is at least a (small) step in the right direction. Given the ever increasing number of elite women freestyle wrestlers, you can bet that freestyle and erotic wrestling have already been combined -- at least in private. Would that there could be some decent vids. Sigh.Ultimate Surrender seemed to have some promise, but there just got to be too much repetition and the newer wrestlers didn't have the technique as the original crew.

  2. Ultimate Surrender is certainly better than AbbyWinters - which is a porn producer getting advantage of female fight charms.
    AbbyWinters best idea is the singlet.
    However, I feel Ultimate needs more competition and less porn. That variety of objects getting in and out of wrestlers orifices turned out to be boring after dozens of videos.
    There is really a space for an entrepreneur willing to create one more niche for female fights: erotic olympic.

  3. I actually thought the Immie/Violeta match from Abby was real hot. I don't think they were staged, just semi-competitive amateurs. Merry Christmas!