Friday, January 30, 2009

In The Raw For Real (9): Kontex

Kontex has one of the largest catalogs of female fighting videos in the trade. And a good number of them in the real naked competitive category. I am not counting here the naked catfights where they have much more to offer.

This is an old fighting video with good looking young women in a pro-ring. It is the GUR-1 production with Sandra, Carmin and Yasmin in a round-robin tournament. It starts well, it has good moments but the expectations are higher than the results. They fight for real - look at the depleted body of a fighter at the very end - but due to some lack of skill and strength they are not able to accomplish many pins and submission holds.



  1. Most of the Kontex productions I have seen over the years seem to lack that submission or pin fall finish.The nearest they come as in the case of this clip is a finger attack on the pubic area.

  2. Excellent crotch claw submission

  3. Venus is the hottest girl in Kontex. I'd wish you could please post some from her !!!