Thursday, January 1, 2009

Let It Roll, Baby, Roll

No, I am not going to talk about the song by The Doors but about a funny (or weird) movie of 1986, "The Roller Blade", set in a futuristic society where heroes and bandids in roller skates fight for the freedom of humanity. Well, that gives the opportunity for a catfight. On roller skates, of course.

What a waste of the talent of that two hotties...


  1. I think I once had that on VHS. There was a somewhat sexy fight with the heroine, iirc, unfortunately with a knife or knives rather than skin to skin. That's the sort of thing that I relied on back then, before the blessed internet!

  2. That's Michelle Bauer and her nemesis from from a few Golden Girls scripted catfights. There was a group of 4 including Linnea Quigley that made a bunch of B movies in the 80s together. Most recently Cougar Cult