Saturday, January 3, 2009

No Smocks At All

For our benefit, some prison fight sequences do not have any fabrics covering the women; unfortunately, some of them are amongst the worst movies already seen on the screen.

That is the case of Prison Girls (1972), probably the only opportunity you had to watch a women in prison movie... in 3D !

Whatever the critics said, the classic shower scene was exciting.



  1. Why so much water on the shower floor? Note also the feminine grooming standards of the 1970's. Reminds me a bit of the old German Mat Club. Happy New Year all!

  2. Yes, an anthropologist could rightful establish the date of the movie showering party using the hairdo style of girls lower parts. And using also the size and format of the bikini tans!

  3. I LOVE a nice big carpet. Today's women shave themselves up like a 2nd grader and it really turns me off. This catfight in the shower scene, sexy as it is, is entirely too short and too unorganized. Would have loved to seen the tall brunette and the tall blond, both w/ ample hoots and bushes, roll around for at least a good 5 minutes but the director decided to fuck that up too. You run a good site here.