Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Best Student

It is hard to find a real schoolgirl pin that determines the fight winner. In most occasions, it is just the signal to the previous chosen victrix to seat and smother the loser one.

Not in this Wrestling Monica production with Lucy and Honey: the first woman simply tries to apply the pin along the whole fight against the determination of the less gifted fighter. Will the dominant one succeed ?



  1. Great clip...I have said this before and I'll say it again, I just love when one girl totally humiliates and dominates another girls as in this clip. Especially when they seem to be around the same age, height, and weight. Although no spectaular hold, it's always still nice to see.

  2. Monica is a master in organizing competitive fights even if one girl is the dominant one.....some great matches in the last years featuring shelby beach, kristie etzold, kassidy, nadege, xana, lina , zara ........

  3. Monica's events are some of the best around. She manages to find some of the world's best wrestlers, in interesting matchups, and gets them to fight hard. She also doesn't overcharge for the DVDs - 8 matches for around $60 is a fantastic value.

    1. Good point about what Monica expects of the girls: she knows that the men who attend want to see a proper fight. So she insists that the girls give full value when they're on the mat in order to keep the customers satisfied, like in this clip

  4. How humiliating (and sexy). Has Honey ever won a real match?

  5. Honey's neck had been weakened during earlier falls in this match-up, so Lucy had a relatively easy job to force another submission. Both girls are seriously hot and give the crowd good value.

  6. This is Honey-owner of lws being seriously facesat and humiliated by Lucy in front of a large audience. you hear someone shout make it6-inreference to the fact that honey had already submitted 5 times.After this she gave up the fight with an injured neck.