Friday, February 20, 2009

A Referee Is The Subject Again

That is the second time I make remarks on women wrestling referees. The first one was about Jeff the Ref, the lucky englishman who could watch on close quarters our favorite women fighting half and fully naked.

Now we have an woman referee who can turn the eyes from the action over herself. She is the delightful Isis, from Women Extreme/Erotic Wrestling (WEW), an establishment not exactly in my short list of preferences. I like most the women there but sometimes they become a circus of freaks mixing male and female wrestling, small and extremely huge size characters, some porn in the backstage and other bizarre features.

But Isis has tried to stand apart of that mess with her magnificent gluteus maximus in the tightest shorts available which I have put an effort to capture and join on video. Did I say apart? If it is her in the video last scene, I figure out she could not resist WEW way of life.

Anyway, I would love to watch Isis wrestle. With that shorts, of course.

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