Saturday, February 14, 2009

Some Real Competition Is Due

Back to real action: after a long intermission of eight years, the Women´s Wrestling Convention (WWC) was reborn in 2008 with its convention and forum in San Diego, California. In this fourth edition, the main event was a series of competitive fights in a ring with wrestlers representing most of producers of real women fights. Well, almost all of them: the one featuring Helen von Mott (by the way, in a sexy thong back swimsuit) in a 2-t0-1 match is more an exhibition.

Wrestlers from a bunch of producers participated in the event. Most of the women who appeared in the clips above are from FemWin. However, I have not really found where to acquire the full videos.


  1. nice selection...some of the matches from the convention were available on the femwin site last year...probably they still have some of them available....sadly not all of them .....the ones you posted here were available on femwin except Neko's matches which were available on fightingstyle....I couldn't find for example christine dupree matches....kristie etzold wrestled only once against grace I's good the convention started again but in my opinion it was way back of what we had in 2000 or 1998.....but let's hope the future will bring nice surprizes for us and a better development for the convention..

  2. Interesting stuff, mostly. Julie is one of the hottest bods in wrestling, too bad they wasted her on that HVM stunt. Do you have any of the Krissy (RMG) matches?