Monday, March 2, 2009

In The Raw For Real (10): Fighting Style II

Fighting Style does not have many naked wrestling videos but the few are pretty good, like the one below where the star Mutiny faces Vanda. The setting is somewhat strange: an empty pool in a off-season hotel (Greece?). Bodies are gorgeous and fighting is real competitive in a slow pace (the way I like much).

Previous entry of Fighting Style is here.


  1. great stuuf always on fightingstyle.they are by far the best in competitive women wrestling.The dww was early years ago, now with the retirement of their stars, I think that fightingstyle is better.Also Robin mit les femmes fatales or the Brit Monica have good competitive matches.Mutiny is always hot to watch even though she is more famous in sexfights than in competitive ones.

  2. Mutiny is improving.

  3. Fabulous clip. Many thanks. Raw girl v girl fighting at it's best.
    This really is a terrific site.