Friday, March 13, 2009

It Was Sexier Before...

This olympic amateur fight from 1995 supports my point: it was more interesting before they adopted awful singlets designed for men.



  1. not only the singlets but the rules were sexier if I might say that earlier!Nowadays a fight lasts only 4 minutes and the girls are wrestling like robots!really boring and dissapointing..after the year 2004 I think the rules changed and it's so sad!...As from their dresses it's a stupidity!why could the volleyball women for example wear so sexy outfits and the wreslers can't do this?Their are idiots those in the federations, sexier outfits to women will bring a huge audience and televisions as well near the sport!MONEY also!but you see to all chmampionships women are wrestling in front of no one nowadays!Because of the singlets they are wearing and because of that moron rules!no one is interested in women freestyle wrestling anymore.

  2. Although I really enjoy topless and nude matches, I think the sexiest outfits ever worn were the thong leotards in the women wrestling videos of years ago (like the early Premier vids). It might be too much of a stretch for Olympic competitors, but surely they can improve on the state of things without being irresponsible.

    Changing subject slightly, I can only imagine with the number of women competitors these days, many of whom are likely bi or lesbian, that some interesting matches have already happened in private. Gawd!

  3. Actually the changed the rules for women wrestling since 2005, now grapplling on ground is very very limited, the ref will stop it etc in another word the struggle is almost non existance except for pushing and shoving, points are counted differently, free style (olympic style) before 2005 was very really very good, but today it sucks ass, now it is just sumo wrestling.