Saturday, March 7, 2009

Springtime Is Not Far Away

Springtime is not far away (at least in the calendar) and our fighting girls will have the opportunity to practice in open air on a field of grass. Like the ones below: Helga and Naomaly from Latin Catfight, two blonde beauties from DWW and, also from DWW, our pièce de résistance: a ferocious fight between our legend Nadege and the merciless Svetlana Kr.



  1. I have that Nadege fight among other of hers as she's been a favorite of mine for years. That was the first fight I ever saw her lose decisively.

    I've seen her in quite a few tough wrestling matches ending in draws ( Amy O , Xana ) and I hated to see her bloodied and having to quit like that. She put up a good fight but the other girl was relentless !

  2. I too love wtaching Nadege - she is so brave and rarely refuses a challenge. It was a little disheartening to watch you being dominated by Svetlana.