Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Far East Nights

Tokyo has one of the most vibrant nightlife in the world offering all kinds of entertainment. Being woman fighting so popular in Japan, it is no wonder the amount of show business one can find in the capital. One of the most common is the night club catfight like the three bouts in the video below. There is some resemblance with pro-wrestling matches: each fighter portrays a chosen character and there are plenty of professional holds and moves (bostom crabs are a staple). However, there is no ring and the audience is quite close to the combatants.

There is an entertaining English written blog - Tokyo Damage Report, with about a dozen first hand reports of female grappling in the nights of that fantastic city.


  1. This is something the Japenese do better than anyone,a real fight with a theme.I have featured a few clips of Japanese girls fully dressed starting out slapping eachother and progressing to a clothes ripping fight where at least one of them finishes naked and in need of some medical attention.

  2. I agree with Ken, in that I love to see attractive Asian girls going at eachother. Especially pulling hair. I have arranged many catfights in Manila and am willing to share some of my pictures with the folks here. Just e-mail me at