Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Legends (15): From The Iberian Peninsula

To be at the same time a professional wrestler and a business woman for many years is no small feat. Adding the fact that our person lives in a small country with no tradition in women fighting - Portugal, you get to know why I have included Ana Paula Leal in our Legends series.

Her production company - APL, is nowadays one of the most active promoters of female fights, encompassing all genres: competitive, catfighting, oil, NHB, erotic, face sitting, holds and more.

In her forties today, Ana has started in the wrestling field many years ago when she noticed that there was not many producers shooting women videos with a large variety of holds. Being a judo athlete, she was able to add some of techniques and moves she had learnt.

We have below a variety of clips showing Ana against several well known fighters: Maggie, Venus, Xana, Mutiny, Nadege, amongst others. She has never been shy of facing strong and accomplished wrestlers: even being the APL´s boss, she has suffered in the hands and legs of her opponents as the video shows. Always given these fighters one lesson or two.


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  1. Leal is a remarkable wrestler. She says she has never lost a truly competitive match in years - and she has fought the best.