Monday, April 13, 2009

Tapping Out (8): Reversals

In a real competitive combat, one cannot foresee the finish, as this DWW clip demonstrates. If the wrestlers are skilled, any slight distraction means a submission.

I could not identify the fighters. I would say the girl in the pattern swimsuit is an young Sandra.


  1. Sandra vs. Vera?

  2. it's Vera vs. Sandra.....Sandra won the match 2-1....this is true dww...the old tapes and girls were more skilled as the ones nowadays..

  3. Great clip. DWW can sometimes be a bit predictable but this clip proves quite the opposite. Many thanks. I once saw a DWW fight where Luzia was roundly beaten by an American girl. In fact, Luzia collapsed in her corner, in a faint, between rounds. Any idea what fight that was?