Sunday, May 17, 2009

Double Attraction

A rare ceiling hold and nice curves make this one minute and something clip a small treat for this Sunday. The sexy girl in violet thighs is Tina Moretti (a.k.a. Lisa Moretti, Lisa Ferrari, Ivory, ...) and her victim is Sheila Fox. It is a combat from WWOW - Wild Women of Wrestling.

By the way, how many acronyms one can find in the professional wrestling? Apparently, all short words in English, with at least one W, have been used: WWF, WCF, GLOW, ECCW, NWA, WEW, ...



  1. Tina Moretti is one of my all-time favourites. She did some competitive stuff for Video Views way back when - I wonder if she's done any since?
    The ceiling hold does require a lot of leg strength - not every woman can use it.

  2. Tina Moretti has body built for headscissors. Once she locks it in, there can be no escape. Who would want out anyway ?