Monday, May 4, 2009

Fake But ... Good

I have already posted some material on the baby swing hold. It goes without saying that it is one of my favorite holds, even though some cases of excessive collaboration from the victim turn out to spoil the result. That is the case of the first sequence in the video below (from SleeperKid?).

The second sequence is better, even acknowledging again some degree of good will from the woman in white.

Anyway, regardless of the theater quality, the hold is still amusing.


  1. Agreed fake but good.Better than that rubbish Bitchfightuk produce

  2. Yes,it is fake but acceptable unlike today catfights in which are over hyped.

    The standard of catfighting has gone very much downhill.For instance as mentioned above,Bitchfightuk.

    Hired models,the wrong description for a fight and the producer Simone Sides who cannot take constructive thoughts on forums without her accusing the poster of causing trouble and then sending nasty comments to the poster.

    My views on bitchfightuk is that in all my years of enjoying female fights i have to say that this is the worst i have seen and they serve no purpose in the female fight community.