Friday, May 1, 2009

More Helen Von Mott

Legends deserve several posts with fighting samples; so, I have here two more skilled actions with Helen Von Mott. First, and surprisingly, against Bunny Glamazon who I had never seem in a truly competitive match. And them against Shannon Logan, in a slow paced and skilled combat.



  1. Thanks for the HVM/Bunny clip. Helen has talked about this encounter a lot during the years on her (lately inactive) Yahoo group. She broke her tailbone in that match but shouldered on. Great to finally see some of the action.

  2. Sorry - little correction: Helen broke her tailbone in the old match vs. Mayra Conde (Ken Star video). Thank you for this clip and the question: did somebody know - is she fine now, and is she active in some another (her yahoo groop is unactive now, that's right) places in internet? Blogs, forums, Myplace, ets...