Monday, May 25, 2009

More On A Fighting Star

Beatrice Goffin was featured here in the Blog several times as a legendary female fighter. One of the posts - that used a clip from YouTube, lost the video as usually happens when they decide that something is not appropriate. So, to offset the loss, I put together flashes of Beatrice fights from my whole collection - unfortunately not that big and mostly composed by previews, in the video below.

The scenes sequence is, as far as I know, in the fights chronological order. One can compare a quite young Beatrice in the beginning against the mature wrestler in the naked combat against Lee Price at the end. The beautiful Lynn Marie is right in the middle of video in a fight for Video Sports.



  1. Thanks so much for this. I think the first clip (against the FBB) is part of a video called The Trials? This was a series of five or so events between Bea and the larger woman, including a very erotic mutual body scissors.

    One of the middle clips is against a woman whose names once again escapes me but has become a legendary match. Bea lost the second fall to a Boston Crab but won the third fall (likely this clip) with a brutal body scissors.

    And the third match against Lee Price - another classic. Poor Lee never seemed to do well competitively and this match was no exception. The price she paid at the end was special.

  2. great compilation and thanks for the comenatry by anonymous....

  3. Ah! Memories... Sometimes we think we have it right, but time is not a continuum, and jumps occur. Is your chronology right, or mine? I don't know. I think the index of your compilation (with an intrusive ad in the midst of it!) is the following.

    1991 Nathalie Gassel (Belgium), body builder and kick-boxer
    1993 Sheila Hastings (Spain), pro-wrestler and mud wrestler
    1989 Micheline (USA) unconfirmed
    1992 Sherry (England) wrestler and catfighter
    1989 Anonym (Belgium) unidentified
    1987 Ali Day (USA) unconfirmed, unless the previous comment to a 2:1 victory to Beatrice refers to this match...
    1986 Ria (Germany) the London match that has an independent entry in this blog
    1987 Lynn-Marie Navarro (USA), the Hollywood Panther who lost 2:1 to Beatrice, and again in a revenge match the day after, though she was highly considered then.
    1996 Lee Price (USA).

    Beatrice received a lot of defiances, and accepted those she could meet without detriment to her family life, and profession. Her first catfights were against 'Sheila', a feisty, heavy pro - their disputes about who should be first for a photo, or who had the best dress, brought great merryment to those who saw them.

    I have double feelings towards the nude wrestling match. I recall how sad Beatrice was when the tape appeared on the market, as both wrestlers had done it for a late fan of them, and I think it was unfair to have it distributed. However, watching this bit now, I think it is a good document on how nude wrestling can be serious if the women put the emphasis on *wrestling* rather than the erotic effect it has on the viewer. Lee Price lost 2:0 to Beatrice, simply because she was not as good as the 1982 European Champion.