Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Passage Of Time

If you look at the beginning of the clip, you are going to find the usual portrait of a fight on a beach which indicates you are in front of a California Supreme production, the veteran producer that will be the subject of a future post. Then you see the old faithful blackboard announcing Robin against a certain Nancy. Few seconds later, you see a very young Robin and... an also young Raven, recently featured here, disguised under a different artistic name. 

Robin would become a very known fighter, besides her activities as an entrepreneuse, as you have seen in this post. Raven, as far as I know, fought for one or two other companies and vanished.

Hope they were over 21 at that time...


  1. What ever became of "Ron" (Kavorkian?) of Californa Supreme? It appears that the company no longer produces new material. He was a real pioneer in the business and i think we owe him a debt of gratitude!

  2. Interesting remark, since few days ago I had the idea of put together my California Supreme / Bellstone material and post an article on them.
    They were really a valuable resource for fans.
    But, no, I have no idea about Ron whereabouts and certainly his site is kind of frozen these days.

  3. the romantic period of women wrestling if I might say so! Great stuff it's nice to see robin so young!