Thursday, May 14, 2009

Virtual Catfight

Second Life started with a smashing success but never reached the significance of either an YouTube or Google. And I had never tried it. However, sometime ago, I got a reference saying there would be a lot of catfighting in the "islands", "lands" and "cities" of this world where every one can be whatever his/her desires ask for. Being so, I got there to check if there was anything worth mentioning here. I have to confess I got frustrated with the hardships of finding scenes and places of interest which were free. Or at least allowed you to try before signing up.

The main purpose of the whole thing is that you can impersonate as a character and act as, let us say, a catfighter. But I had no patience with the cumbersome keyboard and mouse controls of Second Life. After spending a couple of hours once, I do not see myself coming back there unless some Blog reader has had a different and rewarding experience there.

Just to illustrate the subject - I guess Second Life simulations cannot have this quality - I have embedded a clip of a naked catfight done by software ... and a laborious work by the author.


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