Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Battle Of Glutei

The scientific name of this region of the human body is gluteus maximus. Certainly, for the women in video below, maximus is the right name for their buttocks.

Premier Productions - or ToughGirls as they display on their site, has been a regular supplier of fights with buff girls for at least two decades (the video below is from 1989). Besides the female vs female genre - which has been mostly topless since a long time, they cater also for the mixed wrestling fans. Curiously, in this case, the male wrestlers are always anonymous... and losers.

I will be back with more comments and images about Premier Productions.


  1. Excellent post! I love premier productions! Is there anyway we can trade vids? :)

  2. Thanks, Nodoubt. Sorry, but I do not trade videos.

  3. PP was one of my favourite vendors - and only partly because of the buff bodies and butts! Their women got sweatier and wore less clothing as the years progressed; the skill level stayed about the same (varying from energetic but basically useless to the likes of Ziggy, Tigra and Christine Marshall. Nothing finer than to see Ziggy armbar a FBB!