Monday, June 22, 2009

That Can Take Them To The Doctor

Arm bars - someones call it a triangle, are an effective way to get a submission. They are painful and can injure the recipient. Here we have six different arm bar examples: one or two are variations that an expert might dispute the classification. The first has Amy submitting Suzy, second has Ziggy against Heather, third has a pro-wrestling interesting interpretation of the idea, fourth and fifth are Sexy Grappling catfights and, the last one, the judo real thing applied comme il faut.



  1. Amy wins one for a change

  2. I find armbars incredibly erotic - the arms and legs together, the total dominance resulting, the helplessness of the armbaree (?). Does anyone have the PP match of Ziggy versus Michele, another buxomy FBB? I've seen a clip and Ziggy applies a perfect armbar (and sleeper and figure-four head scissors).