Sunday, June 7, 2009

Theater Two: Mommies Go Fighting

Older than 40 - or even 50 as Mary in the clip below, they have the right to settle their differences in the rings, over the mats or at any convenient place. There are a bunch of clips on YouTube catering for this age range and they are on Theater Two.

Before you asked me, the clip comes from a Lady Hawke production.


  1. Where I can find the whole match download ? No dvd I mean, thanks..

  2. Never heard of downloads of these oldies.
    However, there are some second-hand sellers that might have Lady Hawke: Manzerman ( and Rockin-Roxanne ( tapes/DVDs only;
    You can also rent from FFVRC ( they have the most complete library of female fighting (tapes/DVDs).