Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Tiny Dynamo: The Catfighter

As promised in the first installment of Tina´s wrestling biography, today we have a compilation of her performances as a catfighter. Apparently, all of her appearances as an experienced pro have been connected to the erotic/nude/staged/fantasy side of the business (unless you, more informed reader, have another history to tell...).

In the first two segments, Tina is performing for Leather and Lace (LL029 and LL051), in the third for California Wildcats (CW067 "The Newcomer"), in the 4th, 5th and 6th for Joan Wise (PC006 "Groundbreaker" against Candi, PC049 "Taste Good, Bitch" against Tori Sinclair and JV104 "Midnight Madness" against Candi again) and in the last two parts for Arena (against Ivory and Flame).

That is it for Tina: now you may decide what was her more interesting career period.

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  1. Tina was an outstanding competitor. Absolutely fearless on the mats. I found her a pleasure to watch even in those "staged", fantasy type matches