Saturday, June 20, 2009

Where Is The Beef? It Is Here

They have been around for years. Initially, they were Premier Productions, and later, more appropriately, Tough Girls. It is curious to observe the evolution of their wrestlers portfolio: from robust and plentiful girls in thong back suits to fully ripped fighters wrestling topless. It is from that first phase (not precise, though: some were fighting with breasts exposed early on) the samples below. Next Saturday I will post the sequel with my comments on them.

Worth notice is my favourite amongst these grapplers: the magnificent April.


  1. Awesome post! I've been looking forward to this :) I agree with the April comment. She's easily top 3 fav. for me in Premier Productions :3

  2. Thanks, Nodoubt, more on Premier next week.

  3. I love these. Despite the lack of nudity, vids from this era were in some ways more erotic than even the fully nude vids today. Best of this era not shown, I think, was Ziggy versus C.C. Never faster action anywhere. It will be interesting to see how the wrestling compares in the next set.