Monday, July 6, 2009

Battle Of Stars (2): Ziggy vs Jill

Jill does not have many fully competitive fights in her resumée and Ziggy, on the contrary, has only non-scripted bouts. So, it is interesting to see how the two fare one against the other in This Flamingo video.



  1. Thanks - I had heard of this match. Props to Jill for accepting this match but this was really a woman versus a girl - Ziggy, as she usually is - was totally dominating (and apparently without her BJJ.)
    I've mentioned this on other posts; I find Ziggy the sexiest, most erotic female fighter. The way she controls and dominates; her scissors and armbars and chokes - and that tiny black thong bikini bottom :)

  2. I agree ... I have this video and although Jill Monroe made a name for herself with a wide range of fans, she just doesn't stand a chance against Ziggy Lariss who totally dominates and controls the scotish lass whom otherwise dominates most of the time herself(probably in scripted matches).

  3. Thanks. May i ask if Jill ever came close to winning a fall? As someone pointed out in another posting, Ziggy often wrestles down to the level of her opponent, playing with them until she is ready.

  4. Jill is more for fantasy wrestling, ziggy is to strong for her..but it's nice to watch jill as a victim